Case study: The Tele-Stroke Platform of Rhône-Alpes Region

In collaboration with ConsortSanté and Covalia, ETIAM was able, in 2013, to implement a teleimaging & teleconsultation solution to the SISRA Platform of the Healthcare Cooperation Group (GCS) in Rhône-Alpes Region, France.


Needs expressed by health professionals

  • Exchange easily, in real-time and security, all types of medical images from the regular PACS workstation or from a simple Web browser.
  • Run teleconsultations through visioconferencing with patients.
  • Manage all of the exchanges between the different healthcare professionals, thanks to a portal adapted to their custom usage.

Solution provided

The industrial consortium ECC (ETIAM, Consort NT, Covalia) provided the tele-imaging & teleconsultation solution to the GCS in the framework of the Tele-stroke project in Rhône-Alpes.

ETIAM offered, thanks to its solution ETIAM-Connect, a tele-imaging service to the group.

ETIAM-Connect is the first national service for tele-imaging, which is already used by more than 350 hospital facilities around the world up until now.


  • Around 60 healthcare facilities concerned
  • 20 healthcare facilities equipped in October 2013 (72 up to now)
  • Integration of the solution with the regional SISRA platform (authentification portal for healthcare practitioners)
  • Integration with HIS of all Healthcare facilities (emergency management software, HIS, PACS … )
  • Taking into account community PACS
ACETIAM Télé-AVC - établissements connectés SISRA


“We took on the ECC solution because it was already put in place on large scales and it offers the expected interoperability and flexibility for this type of usage”

Thierry DURAND, GCS Plate-forme SISRA de la Région Rhône-Alpes’ administrator

ACETIAM - Thierry Durand

“We plan to open out the solution on the whole neurovascular units (twelve finally) and on fifty emergency services of the Rhône-Alpes region that have medical imaging (MRI/X-rays) at a 24/7 scale”

Jean-Christophe BERNADAC, Director of the Telemedicine/Tele-Stroke project

ACETIAM - Jean Christophe Bernadac

“We are delighted with being able to demonstrate at a regional scale the advantage of all services provided by ECC in order to enable a rise in the development of tele-imaging and teleconsultation in France”

Éric LE BIHAN, ETIAM CEO and member of the ECC consortium.