NEHS DIGITAL, parent company of ACETIAM CORP., implements its Nexus Telemedicine platform in over 1000 healthcare and medico-social facilities across Europe

700 care homes in Paris, France join the 500 connected healthcare facilities to perform remote consultations

For over ten years, the long-standing player in European telemedicine, NEHS DIGITAL, has been providing healthcare facilities with its unique national telemedicine platform ‘Nexus Platform’, which is used for a wide range of purposes such as remote expertise, remote consultations, remote radiology and remote interpretation. Acetiam Corp, subsidiary of NEHS DIGITAL has followed the same example for over ten years and has proven its expertise.

All the ACETIAM CORP. teams and its parent company in Europe NEHS DIGITAL have been assembled to help fight COVID-19 and are doing everything they can to listen to physicians and adapt to their daily needs by making telemedicine easier to access. The unique telemedicine platform is already used by over 500 facilities and is dedicated to making this new approach easier to use by hospitals, care homes, centers for disabled people, private clinics and radiology offices.

Feedback from France: 150 hospitals and healthcare facilities consulting remotely in 3 weeks

The company quickly implemented its remote-consultation and remote-monitoring solution in every facility that has requested it ever since the start of the health crisis. In under three weeks, there was a widespread application of remote consultations in over 150 hospitals as 30,000 physicians signed up to the platform. 30 of these facilities are in Occitania, including the university hospitals of Toulouse and Nîmes, and over 100 are in in the Parisian region with 39 sites in the Paris public hospital network with its 12,000 users.

700 care homes consulting remotely with ambulance service in Paris

The situation in care homes reinforces concerns as the pandemic continues to spread throughout France.

To treat the elderly quickly and efficiently, the teams implemented their remote consultation solutions in nearly 700 new care homes in Paris in just a few days. The facilities have a tablet which allows patients to consult with the Paris ambulance services directly without ever having to leave the comfort of their home.. The solution is based on the Nexus telemedicine platform for the region and was put into action in record time.

“Everyone was put into action within a few days to install, update, train and support health and medico-social professionals on how to use our telemedicine platform in mainland France and overseas departments and territories. This is how we will be proceeding,” concludes Frédéric Serein, CEO of ACETIAM CORP, subsidiary of NEHS DIGITAL.