Webinar: Telehealth use cases & care settings, how to guarantee the care continuum?


Technologies have played a major role in the digital transformation of Healthcare Providers in order to guarantee the continuum of care for their Patients.

As telemedicine is becoming a key part of the new use cases for patients and Healthcare Professionals, how can a new technology be integrated without jeopardizing the existing Hospital Information Systems such as EMR ? And how to ensure a safe follow-up of the patient and their data ? These issues will be addressed during our webinar.

Join us to learn more about adoption of mobile devices, patient monitoring, data and expertise sharing, and applications interoperability.

  • A look back on the evolution of telehealth in the US
  • Continuum of care and the place of telemedicine in it: Use cases & benefits
  • The importance of interoperability
  • Demo of the Acetiam Corp Telemedicine solution

How to register?

Please follow the link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/3876556250289387787 Read more

Update Nexus 5.80 | Telemedicine – Teleconsultation – Teleradiology

The Nexus 5.80 update is now live!

Some great improvements have been made, based on requests we received from our users.


Main enhancements: videoconferencing

With ETIAM Nexus optional Videoconferencing service, allowing you to organize visio-conferences with your colleagues, you have now the possibility:

  1. To share your screen to show accurately scanners & DICOM files to the other participants.
  2. To record the visio-conference (video & audio) and have a permanent record of your meeting.

Applications :

  • Neurology: To carry out a teleconsultation between the neurologist and the patient as part of a management for a suspicion of stroke.
  • Psychiatry: conduct a teleconsultation between a medical team and the patient as part of a psychiatric follow-up.
  • MCM: Conduct a teleconference between medical teams away as part of a multidisciplinary consultation meeting
  • Other applications: Teleradiology (radiologist <-> staff), tele-geriatrics ( general practitioner/geriatric <-> patient in DEPNH or home), Occupational medicine, preventive medicine via health insuance, tele-diagnosis dental, veterinary,…

Example of an implemented project:

The TELMA project is part of the ARS-IF telemedicine and autism project. It aims to build a platform for telemedicine allowing: health professionals working in Health or medico-social establishments to seek advice from an expert for the care of patients with autism (Teleexpertise) To remotely support tele-consultation of patients with autism spectrum disorders.

http://www.sesan.fr/projet/ortif-telma (French)