Acetiam Corp to implement and follow the success achieved in Europe by its parent company, NEHS DIGITAL, during Covid-19

The COVID-19 health crisis has spread like wildfire over the past few months. During this time, ACETIAM CORP’s parent company NEHS DIGITAL has rallied its specialist telemedicine teams to support the fight against this terrible disease. The company reacted fast by giving every healthcare facility in France access to its Nexus telemedicine platform. The project was originally supposed to last 5 months but ended up being implemented in just one week to meet the needs of the Occitania region. Here is how the project unfolded…

A new regional platform was developed

The south-western region of Occitania in France, which includes the cities of Montpellier and Toulouse, has made telemedicine an important political issue for its 5,000,000 residents. This tool goes hand-in-hand in supporting healthcare facilities with their many uses and was chosen to help rise to the huge challenge of developing Telemedicine in Occitania.

Live patient teleconsultations are currently being implemented (with 69 operational structures as it stands). By the end of 2020, Nexus telemedicine platform will have helped 600 structures and 5000 users in Occitania gain access to its unique telemedicine capabilities and respond to the industry’s new way of doing business.

The solution is perfectly suited to the challenges and objectives that ehealth regional institution:

  • Migrating towards using a single tool for a more efficient service
  • Opening up new specialties within telemedicine

Efficiency and agility to make Teleconsultation commonplace

Over 55 people were mobilized to implement the teleconsultation solution quickly in order to respond to the urgent needs of healthcare facilities in Occitania. This restructuring was also a key factor in ensuring the continuity of care for patients being treated for other pathologies, and of course was absolutely crucial for new patients suffering from COVID-19.

These efforts meant that the platform teleconsultation tool was ready for use in record time: one week instead of the 5 months which had initially been planned.

The Toulouse University Hospital is the first hospital to have used the new regional telemedicine platform for consultations and the feedback is already overwhelmingly positive: “We rapidly started putting together this project due to the sky-high demand from facilities in our Region. We had our first teleconsultation and trained one hundred professionals to use the platform in all of 10 days!”, reports Benjamin PAPPO, Head of the Healthcare Pathways & Telemedicine Division of the Public Interest Group e-santé Occitanie in France.

On-hand support for this new platform is a pivotal element of alleviating the state of emergency healthcare facilities are currently facing. At short notice, the telehealth specialist & the regional institution created an online user area (documentation, tutorials, FAQs.) and organized training sessions via regular webinars to provide professionals, facilities, clinics and hospitals with the information they needed. Furthermore, the support team is ready at a moment’s notice to help any users who may have trouble using the application.

The whole team is committed to the goal of making the patient treatment pathway more efficient even under extenuating circumstances like what we have been seeing. NEHS DIGITAL makes every effort to support and train healthcare professionals to treat patients quickly regardless of whether they are suffering from COVID-19 or other illnesses. Acetiam Corp is ready to apply the same strategy in the US.